Friday, October 23, 2009

20 Week Belly

More posts to come, but wanted to get pictures up of my 20 week belly - it looks like Olive grew a lot over the past two weeks!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

19 Week Update

Just got back from Florida this weekend! Had a great time but it was quite different being on vacation while I was pregnant. I kept worrying about what things I could do and could not do - what seafood is "ok", can I lay out, can I go jet skiing, etc... I also wore a maternity swimsuit instead of my regular suit. I asked Ben how I could go from being a normal 20-something, to being a dorky mom in what seemed like a day...

None the less, we had a blast! I don't know if it was all the food we were eating on the trip, or if it's the actual baby, but my belly seemed to grow a ton while we were gone! And the coolest thing- my stomach actually is starting to feel hard. I still don't know if you'd recognize me as a "pregnant lady" on the street, if you didn't know any better, but I am definitely feeling pregnant more and more each day.

We go to get our second ultrasound on Tuesday!! I am so excited to see little Olive swimming around, and hopefully to see if we are having a boy or a girl. I'm also excited just to see how Olive is doing, it's been about 7 weeks since my last doctor appointment which has made me pretty antsy about how the babe is doing health-wise. I haven't "felt" Olive move yet - people keep asking, and I keep focusing on trying to feel, but I can't really say that I have felt anything definite yet. I'm hoping to ask the doctor about that.

18 Week Belly

Publishing this a little late because we were on vacation, so will do an update in a different post. Little bit of a different background than the others because we were in Florida (notice my face is a little sun burned...)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

17 weeks - clean closet and status update

Cleaned out my closet today and it made me realize two things: 1. I have a lot of scarfs (I really should stop buying any more) and 2. I have gained a lot of weight... sigh...

I know, I know, I'm supposed to be putting on weight for little Olive (Katy and I thought that would be an appropriate nickname for the fetus), but right now I'm just feeling fat. As I put away shirts that I wore at the beginning of the summer, I wondered - will I ever fit in these again? I hope so! I think because I'm in the in between stages, it makes it hard to be excited about gaining weight, i.e. my belly isn't big enough to look definitely pregnant but is larger than my pre-pregnancy days. I'm hoping that the weight gain won't be so bothersome once my belly has grown a bit and especially once I can start to feel the baby.

17 weeks and a few days now and still haven't felt the baby yet. Most books said it would take most first time moms till 18 or 20 weeks until you can feel the baby, so I'm not too worried about that yet. Haven't been to the doctor in a while though (I opted to wait 7 weeks between appointments so we could get the next ultrasound faster) so right now I'm not feeling very "pregnant" at all. I'm really looking forward to the ultrasound, getting to see Olive, finding out the sex, and getting to feel Olive move for the first time. Maybe then I will feel more like all this weight gain is worth it!

Overall I've been feeling really good though. Health wise, I'm much less tired, no nausea and pretty much feel like myself (plus a few pounds). The only thing that has really been different is all the headaches. It seems I get headaches 5 out of 7 days a week. I can't figure out why yet. At first I thought it was the weather change, maybe not enough sleep, but I've tried everything and it seems nothing can keep them away. For now, I'm just hoping taking 1 Tylenol a day isn't harmful to Olive. Need to call the doctor to confirm.