Sunday, January 31, 2010

34 weeks - belly pic

All I have to report about this week is that I think my belly button is going to fall off, every time I bend over it feels like my skin is going to completely rip open... is that normal? yeah, probably... :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

33 Week Survey

Much like the first trimester, I'm getting much and much less motivated to blog due to being tired most of the time! But, wanted to get something up this week (especially since there is only a couple weeks left during my pregnancy!)

Belly Button in or out:
it didn't pop fully out, but it's pretty much as far out as it's going to be

Wedding rings on or off: depends, if I'm at work, in my 80 degree office - rings off. if I'm at home relaxing - rings on. I try not to sleep with them at night though, my mom said she woke up one day during her pregnancy and couldn't get her rings off so they had to cut them off. Hoping to avoid that!

Food cravings: No food cravings - although I don't feel as hungry as usual. I think there's just not enough room in my abdomen for food anymore.

Food aversions: none

Nausea: none - thank goodness, I only experienced this during the first trimester

Energy level: on it's way back down. unfortunately I have been having trouble sleeping much at night so I find myself to be completely exhausted all day long. I had about a million things to do after work this week which also left me exhausted so I'm planning to try to start saying "no" to things and start taking care of myself.

Weight gain: oddly enough I haven't been as nervous about the weight gain as much lately, I seem to be on track to gain about 40 pounds for the entire pregnancy, which is much better than what I thought it would be. I think I'm at around 30-35 right now.

Mood: too exhausted to really care much about anything, although feeling pretty anxious about getting the baby's room finalized.

Maternity clothes: even my maternity clothes are starting to feel a bit snug at times now!

Size of baby: 4 pounds (no wonder I'm tired!), 17 inches long, size of a pineapple

Changes of baby: she's rapidly losing that wrinkled, alien look and her skeleton is hardening.

Next appointment: Next Friday, I've been going every other week lately and will soon start to go every week. Lucy and I have been healthy at all of our appointments so I am extremely thankful for a smooth pregnancy so far. I have been a little irritated by the doctor's office lately, they have me come in for a 5 minute check up and end up making me wait 45 minutes to an hour. I seriously think I could do my own blood pressure and check my own pee faster than that.

Other: We started birth preparation classes two weeks ago. We'll go to 4 classes in total. I don't know what it was about the classes, but they may be feel so excited and so overwhelmed with emotion. Maybe it attending a class that I had always imagined going to with my husband (and now we actually were) or maybe it was all the practicing we were doing that made me realize our little Lucy would be arriving soon. Either way, the classes have made me really excited about being a mom soon and I love that Ben is there supporting me each and every step of the way.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

32 Weeks... 8 more to go!

32 weeks and definitely feeling it! Symptoms of pregnancy currently: lots of back ache (although I've gotten 2 massages in the past 2 weeks!), stuffy nose (which is usually kind of bloody), stretched belly button, sleepless nights (I've found the couch is the most comfortable place to sleep), and trouble breathing. The third trimester is in full swing!

Also, just visited the doctor - Lucy's head is down and all is healthy! Measuring 32cm, so right on track!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Painting the Nursey

What a good husband! Ben painted the entire nursery this weekend, hooray! He was concerned that the paint fumes might affect the baby so he didn't let me help at all. Now, I'm pretty sure unless the paint had led in it (which I don't think they make anymore), it would have been fine for me to help. But, none the less, I enjoyed taking a bit of a break and watching Ben prepare for baby Lucy's arrival.

Don't worry... what he gave in work, I repaid in food.

30 Weeks Belly Picture

Only 10 more weeks left, it's hard to believe! Still feeling pretty well, belly button is starting to feel a little stretched and back is a little more achy, but overall enjoying carrying baby Lucy.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Name Game

I thought I'd finally "come out" on our blog about the baby's name - many people have been asking if we are naming the baby Olive, and even more are asking what we've decided. We have been telling friends and family, and at home we use the baby's name - so it's time to say goodbye to Olive (our name for the fetus) on this blog and say hello to.... LUCY!!! Officially, she will be Lucille Marie Wehner, but will most likely go by Lucy.

Of course we reserve the right to change our minds once we meet our daughter face to face, but we've been stuck on this name for a couple months now, so I feel it's ok to annouce it!

How we decided- Ben and I had come up with a list of about 10 girl names and 5 boy names that we both really liked. We went for a walk the night we found out the baby was a girl, and started going through the list of ideas. After going through our favorite girl names, Ben mater of factly said - "Lucy, that's it, Lucy Marie is my favorite." I of course, being the indecisive one, ran through all of the other names 3-4 more times just to confirm that Ben realized all of the options we had in front of us, but even still he loved the name Lucy. And that of course made me fall in love with it too.

Additionally, if you think we are naming our children/animals (Ruthie, Lucy) after 7th Heaven characters, you would be correct. Our next child will be Matt or Mary.

Showered With Love!

I had my first shower a couple weeks ago. I feel so blessed to have such good friends that would throw me a shower and even more that would support us with their love and help us prepare as we get ready for the baby. I was overwhelmed with all the goodies we received - I really feel like we are close to having all of what we need for Olive's arrival, and fortunately we have one more shower to go that should help cover what we have left to get. How lucky our little girl is, and she doesn't even realize it!

Quick overview of the shower - we had yummy food, hot apple cider and hot chocolate. After chatting for a bit we played how well do you know the mommy to be (guests tried to guess what characteristics I would want Olive to have from dad and what I would want her to have from mom), guess the size of my belly, who can drink water out of a bottle fastest (hilarious) and baby bingo as we opened presents. The shower was a blast, decorations were adorable, games were hilarious, and the company was perfect! Thanks to Katy, Courtney and Beth for an amazing baby shower.

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