Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Name Game

I thought I'd finally "come out" on our blog about the baby's name - many people have been asking if we are naming the baby Olive, and even more are asking what we've decided. We have been telling friends and family, and at home we use the baby's name - so it's time to say goodbye to Olive (our name for the fetus) on this blog and say hello to.... LUCY!!! Officially, she will be Lucille Marie Wehner, but will most likely go by Lucy.

Of course we reserve the right to change our minds once we meet our daughter face to face, but we've been stuck on this name for a couple months now, so I feel it's ok to annouce it!

How we decided- Ben and I had come up with a list of about 10 girl names and 5 boy names that we both really liked. We went for a walk the night we found out the baby was a girl, and started going through the list of ideas. After going through our favorite girl names, Ben mater of factly said - "Lucy, that's it, Lucy Marie is my favorite." I of course, being the indecisive one, ran through all of the other names 3-4 more times just to confirm that Ben realized all of the options we had in front of us, but even still he loved the name Lucy. And that of course made me fall in love with it too.

Additionally, if you think we are naming our children/animals (Ruthie, Lucy) after 7th Heaven characters, you would be correct. Our next child will be Matt or Mary.

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