Saturday, January 16, 2010

32 Weeks... 8 more to go!

32 weeks and definitely feeling it! Symptoms of pregnancy currently: lots of back ache (although I've gotten 2 massages in the past 2 weeks!), stuffy nose (which is usually kind of bloody), stretched belly button, sleepless nights (I've found the couch is the most comfortable place to sleep), and trouble breathing. The third trimester is in full swing!

Also, just visited the doctor - Lucy's head is down and all is healthy! Measuring 32cm, so right on track!


  1. Looking good Jess!!! Not much longer at you have a body pillow to sleep with? I've found that mine is helping a lot :)

  2. hey no 32 week survey?! you look great! i'm sorry you're feeling some of the pain though. not fun...

  3. I'll get a survey going, don't worry! Just been too tired lately :)

    And mere, haven't tried a body pillow, but I've really been enjoying the couch lately (odd I know!)