Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lucy 18, 19, 20 months

Well we are still waiting on Hank to make his arrival, so I figured I'd do one last update on Lucy before our lives get turned upside down. I haven't done a general/monthly update on her in a couple months, so I wanted to make sure to write down what things are like as Lucy moves closer to her 2nd birthday.

Things have been great! I think these have been some of my favorite months, of course I think I keep writing that... maybe I just keep falling more in love with this little girl! She sleeps so well, and continues to love her big girl bed. She usually sleeps 11-12 hours at night and takes a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon, but will always play in her bed if she is not quit tired yet or wakes up a little before I am ready to get her. It's amazing, she has no desire to get out of bed till I come get her.

Lucy's temperament has been pretty great too - she continues to be a very happy baby, and as her vocabulary has grown I have been able to interpret her needs better. She still has melt downs, and I am currently still just walking away and ignoring her as a punishment, but overall she seems to be a really happy kid. We haven't started time outs, I'm not sure when we will, but overall she seems to do pretty well at listening and when mommy says "no" she knows I mean it.

She loves, loves, loves babies right now. Baby doll usually accompanies us wherever we go, and usually does whatever we do - takes baths, eats dinner, gets her diaper changed, etc. I love watching her be a mommy to her baby, but sometimes it gets a little crazy when I am doing something and Lucy needs help with the baby (i.e. she needs me to wrap the baby in the blanket so she will say "wrap it", and continues to repeat that getting louder and louder until I come, "WRAP IT", "WRAP IT"... we are working on not whining and asking politely for things right now!

Which reminds me, she is talking up a storm and I have found myself sometimes missing the quiet during the day! She likes to say things and then repeat them until I repeat what she is saying... I need to record this someday... it's cute, but makes for a long day sometimes! And she picks up EVERYTHING we say... I find myself not wanting to say words like "dangit" or "shoot" because then Lucy walks around saying "shoot, shoot, shoot"... but it's also pretty fun because she'll sit at dinner and say the most adorable things like "hey girl"... and one of her favorites, "no way".

She loves singing and music, I downloaded a couple kid songs on my phone and we usually listen to them when we are driving and at least one time at home (if not several times more). She knows the names of all her songs and is even picking up on some of the words. She has specific requests and again, repeats these requests until I comply. A car ride usually goes like this... "elmo song, elmo song, elmo song"... elmo song playing... "spider song, spider song, spider song".... itsy bitsy spider playing... etc.

She continues to love reading and would probably sit in my lap all day and read if I would let us. She loves being outside and taking walks to the park, although we haven't been able to do this as much since the weather is getting colder. She seems to be very sociable, but she still mostly plays by herself when we are with other kids or when she is at the church nursery. Although she seems to love it there - we go twice a week (once for Bible study and once for church) and she always goes right up to the door and walks in without even looking back to say bye to me!

I'm sure there is so much more to say, but these are the things that stick out to me. I'm trying to soak up as much time with my baby girl these last days she is an only child. I'm so excited for the joy Hank will bring to our lives, but I do find myself wondering if I'll be able to snuggle and cuddle and give as much love to Lucy once he comes. I know it's worked for millions of families before ours, so I'm sure we will adjust and not even remember what life was like before Hank in a couple months, but for now I am cherishing the one on one time I get with Lucy as much as I can.

I wanted to get some updated pictures of Lucy in this post, but I realized I hadn't taken any since I last posted - so I made sure to go out and grab a couple before publishing this... for that reason, these are a bit random, but still showcase our adorable, goofy little girl!

The weather has been pretty crappy lately, so we went to the mall twice this past week to play at the indoor play park and get some pretzels...


I'm so thankful for indoor kid areas!!

We did still venture out this week, but just bundled up to make sure we stayed warm...

I love this little girl in a hat :)

Instead of playing at the playground, Lucy decided to walk around the softball fields - which were super muddy so Ruthie and Lucy had to get washed and changed once we got home!

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