Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's A Girl!

There has been lots of exciting things happening over the past couple weeks, so much so that I have neglected writing about them on the blog! Slowly but surely I am going to get some more posts up this week.

Since I last wrote, we had a very exciting doctor's appointment. We found out little Olive is going to be a girl! I had been anticipating this appointment for several weeks, I hadn't gotten to see Olive since our last ultrasound and I was so excited to find out the sex of the baby. When we got to the appointment, we had the ultrasound first. For the first 15 minutes or so (what seemed like an eternity) the ultrasound tech was taking snapshots of the babe, pressing on my belly, and not really saying anything. Only she and Ben could see the screen (I was laying down and it was out of my view), how unfair - didn't they know I was the one putting in all the work here! As she kept looking at the screen and not saying anything I couldn't help but think - is there something wrong? why won't she show me the baby? can Ben see what the sex is? Needless to say, when she finally turned the screen I realized that Ben probably couldn't make out most of what he was seeing (because I couldn't either!) and that everything was healthy with the babe, she just needed to take a lot of pictures for the doctor. As we watched our baby move around on the screen, I couldn't help but tear up at the amazing site of what God had created and was living inside of me.

We had to look for a bit to see what the sex is, Olive was facing my spine making it difficult to get a straight on shot of what was between her legs. But, as we continued to look and try to get her to move around - we realized there were only two legs and a butt - no penis in site. (I'll upload pictures later). A baby girl!! I was elated. I had thought for sure we were having a boy, mostly because of Ben's genes but also because I had wanted a girl so bad, I wanted to prepare for having a boy.

Ben was shocked as well, but also very excited. I do have to note that as we left the appointment he said, "well, it could still be a boy" - which made me chuckle, and I reaffirmed him that yes, if little Olive was hiding the boy parts from the ultrasound tech, there is a chance that Olive will be a boy on delivery day - but told him not to get his hopes up. :)

The rest of the appointment went well, routine blood work, doctor said everything is looking healthy with the babe- weighing in at 11ounces, she is in the 57th percentile, and she appeared to have all her essential parts (4 chamber heart, spine, 2 kidneys, etc.)

I left the appointment excited as ever and mixed up a batch of pink icing to bring in cupcakes for my co-workers and share the good news.

Here we are on our way to the appointment... very eager and excited!!

Even the pup was excited this morning to... (oh wait, she's full of energy every morning)

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