Wednesday, December 9, 2009

26 Week Belly

Ok - these are more like 26.5 week belly pictures, but life got away from me for a couple days! Belly is growing week by week, no real complaints other than some major back pain this week. I don't think it's necessarily from the extra belly I am carrying, but just from sleeping wrong or having bad posture at work. I just wish I could take some heavy muscle relaxers or at least have a glass of wine right now... Aspirin just doesn't have enough kick.

It's funny, I never would have thought it, but I've realized how many drugs my body is reliant on- now that I can't have them... caffeine, ibuprofen, cigarettes... ok, just kidding about the cigarettes, but still - I'd love a nice dose of Advil right now.


  1. your hair and make-up look pretty in these pictures :)

  2. VERY pretty Jess!! You look great!