Friday, December 18, 2009

Watching her grow!! 28 weeks, 7 months

I'm now officially in my third trimester! Only 12 weeks left, but I'm hoping those 12 weeks go slow! Fortunately, I've really enjoyed carrying around our little girl, so that has made pregnancy go quite smoothly. I also still feel like we have tons to do to prepare for her arrival, all these thoughts keep running through my mind: when are we going to paint the nursery? are we financially ready for this? we don't have a car seat or mattress yet! how many date nights can Ben and I fit in (an afford) before the baby comes? And so on, and so on...

Every once in a while I just need to take a deep breath!

Here are the latest pics of my belly (to see how much I've grown, just click the belly tag at the bottom of my post and you can see all of my belly pictures from week 14 on).

(two things to note in this picture, that are different than all of our other pictures: 1. Ben surprised me last night with the final piece to our bedroom suite - my night stand! 2. Somebody had an accident on our comforter last weekend so we are borrowing the guest room comforter unitl ours is done being cleaned... I won't name any names, but let's just say it wasn't Ben or I)


  1. your pictures look different too...did you get a new camera?

  2. no - but our camera did just break :( boo!! so I will be taking shots with a new camera.