Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2 Weeks At Home - My Daily Schedule as a Mom

Tomorrow Lucy will be 2 weeks old, yet it feels like it has been months since we brought our little girl home... in a good way! Because of all of the changes, physical and emotional, I have gone through, it seems impossible that just 2 weeks ago I was carrying Lucy around in my belly, wondering when she was ever going to come out.

The first week at home was filled with a lot of pain, as I healed from labor, a lot of emotion, as I soaked in holding my daughter, and a lot of learning, as I better understood Lucy's eating/sleeping/pooping schedule. Fortunately, Ben was home most of that week to help me cope with all of the above. I think the most frustrating part was trying to take care of Lucy but not feeling like I could sit or stand without severe pain. I wanted so much to be able to do everything for our helpless little baby, but I could just barely take care of myself!

I also was just getting the hang of feeding. Lucy is an amazing sleeper, in fact, so amazing, she will sleep right through being hungry! The first night we brought Lucy home from the hospital we let her sleep for 4 hours in a row, thinking - Wow! What an amazing baby! and then the next time we tried to feed her it took me 6 hours to get her to have any interest in eating. We happened to be going to the pediatrician that day and learned that breast fed babies need to eat at least every 3 hours, no matter what, otherwise their blood sugar gets to low and their bodies care more about sleeping than eating. That's when I realized why every mother says you don't get any sleep the first couple months. Even if you have a baby that likes to sleep and doesn't fuss (like Lucy), you still have to wake up every 2.5 hours to feed the baby, even if that means waking up your peacefully sleeping little angel!

I am now used to the schedule, I set my alarm during the night time for every 3 hours, wake up, change Lucy, feed her for 30 minutes and then fall back asleep. Fortunately, Lucy has no problem with this schedule and eats like a champ while she is awake and then goes right back to sleep. Same goes for the day time, except Lucy sometimes eats every 2 hours - my day consists of changing Lucy's diaper (helps to wake her up), feeding Lucy, then waiting till she falls back asleep. She usually has between 2-4 hour waking periods during the day in which we cuddle and stare at each other and I soak her up... otherwise she is zonked in her bouncer chair or swing.

Due to this schedule I find myself trying to do as much as possible in my 1-2 hours between feedings. And sometimes feel a bit stuck knowing I can only do so much or get so far before she is going to need to eat again! Can't wait till feeding time is spread out a bit!

I feel like there are lots of other things to report on - but I just realized I've already written a lot and I'm guessing it's time to go feed Lucy again, so I'll just have to share more later!


  1. i seriously laughed out loud.. then i wasn't laughing so much when i realized how difficult this whole motherhood thing is. Jon and I are happy to babysit anytime. I am not just saying that either.

    also... i HAVE to read this blog now that i don't get to hear the daily play by play. i miss it.

  2. way to go mama! i'm all emotional reading your blog and reliving my first weeks with adr... it goes so fast!

  3. Jess - Having just gone through constantly feeding our baby and never sleeping, I have to tell you that it gets better every week! I was SO overwhelmed the first few weeks, no one can prepare you for motherhood! It sounds like you're doing a great job! Like you said, it just takes some time to get to know your baby!
    We followed the "Babywise" schedule and it has worked beyond my imagination. I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't already.
    I'm so happy for you that Lucy sounds like a happy baby and good sleeper! If you every have any questions or want to talk, please feel free to call or e-mail me! Enjoy these moments while she's little and cuddly - they go by quickly! Charlotte has grown so fast and no longer feels like a little baby, and she's only 2 months old!