Monday, June 21, 2010

3 Months Old!

Lucy turned 3 months old this week! She is getting so big, it's hard to even imagine she was in my stomach just 3 months ago. She is growing so much and becoming so much more active. She loves to smile and laugh with us, roll around on the ground (with our help), look in the mirror, read books, sing songs, and play on her play mat. She continues to be an extremely happy baby, rarely crying and smiling most of the day. She sleeps 7-9 hours straight each night and then goes back to sleep for another 2-3 hours after eating. We are so lucky!

At 3 months, I am still absolutely loving being a stay at home mom. My days are filled with playing with Lucy, running errands, working out, and doing chores - exactly what I want to be doing. I celebrated my 26th birthday last week, and aside from going to lunch with Katy and Erin, my day pretty much consisted of that same routine. I didn't really do anything out of the ordinary on my birthday, but I realized, being at home with Lucy was special enough. Spending the day at home with her, was exactly where I would want to be on my birthday, and I told Ben that the best present he gave me (and continues to give me) for my birthday was the opportunity to stay home with our little girl.

At 3 months, I also thought I would be completely healed from labor, but seems like God has a different plan for me! I ended up getting a minor surgery last week to help my body re-heal from the episiotomy... hoping that this will finally help clear things up and I can get back to my normal self. Who knew little Lucy could cause so much damage! Fortunately... I'm reminded that it is worth it every time I look at her... Unfortunately she may be an only child for a long time after this recovery process! :)

Stats: I think Lucy is weighing in around 13.5 pounds (although our scale at home can be irregular). We don't go to the doctor this month, so will have official stats next month. She's definitely on the smaller end, we've gotten together with some of our friend's babies and she is usually the smaller one in the bunch.

Hello world- look how big I am!

My mom is sooo funny...

Ok mom... get this over with

Now it's time to get fancy...

Model shot, looking whimsically into the distance...

I love my fingers


  1. it's kind of hard to believe that she's only been out of your belly for three months. i can't picture you being without her now. she is such a good sweet baby. you are a lucky girl!

  2. LOVE IT! I felt the same way on my birthday - just so blissed out to be spend my day with Charlotte! Lucy is too cute! So glad we got to see you last weekend!