Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Our first road trip! We headed down to Pigeon Forge with some friends from our Bible study and had a blast. The drive was a bit more than I was expecting, what with having to stop every 2 hours to feed/change/burp Lucy, but we made it! I'm proud that we accomplished our first road trip with the babe.

Lucy of course was awesome, and has gotten back into sleeping 8-9 hours a night (I started stretching her nights after the unbearable sleepless nights last week). All of our friends were super understanding of needing to be on "baby schedule" time and helped a ton with the baby, but I definitely realized how much our lives had changed as I sat in the bedroom nursing Lucy and heading to bed at 10pm, while they stayed up partying till 1-2 o'clock in the morning. Life is different now... but it's good different.

(more pictures to come... brandon took a bunch that I need to get from him)

My first overnight at a hotel!

Getting ready for a hike with Aunt Katy...

oh yeah... i love to pull my shirt up now... what?!?! wouldn't you want to if you just learned to grab stuff?

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