Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

Lucy's first 4th of July! Although we were sad that we weren't up at Lake Wawasee with the Millers (where we've gone the past several years) we ended up having a pretty jam packed weekend here in Indy. We spent the day down at Lake Lemon with the Hudsons who came back in town to visit, and Jill got to meet Lucy for the first time!

Lucy wasn't too interested in watching the fireworks, but she was fascinated by all of the people there that she got to meet. And everyone was loving on her! Everyone kept commenting on what a great baby she is, and I couldn't agree more - she didn't fuss the entire time we were with the Hudson's and slept on the way down, on the way home, and took a nice nap by the lake while Jill and I sun-bathed and caught up. I am so thankful that Lucy is so easy going and such a great sleeper!

Once we got home - we cleaned up and got ready for Lucy's first party! Beth had people over to hang out and watch fireworks over Geist...

(me and two of my favorite "aunts")

Lucy again did great at the party! She put on quite a show, talking and smiling then headed off to bed in Mr. and Mrs. Kinney's bathroom (a quiet spot) around 9, just in time for us to go catch the fireworks. I was so grateful again that Lucy went with the flow, and had no trouble falling asleep in a foreign place, so Ben and I could enjoy the party.

(Thanks for my 4th of July outfit mimi!)

(trying to suck on daddy's fingers while he holds me - I'm grabbing everything these days and putting it straight in my mouth!)

Finally, on the 5th - Ben headed off to Kings Island with his brothers and Lucy and I went to the pool with my mom, Beth, Courtney and Donna. Snagged this picture after our fun filled day!

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  1. i love how she's smiling in the second picture with ben! so cute! i love her 4th of july outfit too. i'm so jealous of your easy going baby. i hear i was a terrible baby, so i'm sure karma will make sure i have the same...