Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Our friends Katie and Brent visited two weekends ago, and we had such a wonderful weekend with them. We started out at the Monon Center (which I soon learned was where every person in Carmel spends their Saturday)

And then went to Symphony on the Prairie on Saturday night. Lucy loves hanging out with Aunt KiKi and Uncle Brent... and they love her too!

Getting smothered with kisses...

Our picnic at Symphony on the Prairie

Lucy did really well, we tried to get her to fall asleep on the blanket, but she just wanted to stay up and watch everyone. Note - she loves touching faces now... every time I am talking with her, she reaches up to grab my lips and my cheeks...

Staring at daddy...

Ruthie had a friend during the weekend too - Walter Kruithof. They didn't stop playing the whole time!

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  1. my favorite post ever! you did a good job fixing those dogs' red eyes.