Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lake Wawasee

We took Lucy on her first boat ride this past weekend. Not only was the boat ride fun, but we all got a kick out of Lucy all strapped in and ready for a day out on the lake. She just looked too cute! Lucy seemed to enjoy the boat and her life jacket - even though it looked as if she couldn't breathe/move, I think it gave her the sensation of being swaddled. As soon as we put it on her she would just sit completely still and eventually fell asleep.

Overall, Lucy did really well at the cabin. In fact, she slept so well, I'm beginning to wonder if I need to rearrange her nursery so it is set up more similarly to the cabin room. She took several 2-3 hour naps every day, and slept great almost every night. In fact, one night she slept from 8:30pm-7:30am, without needing any feedings or paci help from me... it was amazing! Unfortunately, as soon as we got home, she has gone right back into needing paci help 3-6 times a night, so it seems that night at the cabin was a fluke.

Everyone at the cabin of course loved Lucy, and continued to comment on what a pleasant baby she is and what lucky parents we are! Lucy barely cried the whole weekend except when going down for a couple naps and was eager to sit and play with anyone who wanted her! She did cry almost the entire drive up, with Katy and I... but I'm guessing she just got overly tired and couldn't get herself back to sleep during the drive.

My first boat ride, Daddy and Katy made sure I didn't go anywhere

The speed boat made me especially sleepy... mom was nervous for me, but I'm much braver than she is

Family pic!

Hanging out at the sandbar

Mom thought I was just sooo cute... but hey, who wouldn't think so in these shades

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  1. I was there that weekend too - out on a pontoon boat at the sand bar! Wish i would have seen you guys, would have loved to catch up. Lucy looks so big! :)