Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trip to Lake Michigan

We traveled to Lake Michigan a couple weeks ago, so Lucy could meet her great grandparents on the Wehner side, and lots of great aunts/uncles and second cousins...

Me and Grandpa hanging out on the beach

Hey - who's taking our picture... dang paparazzi

My look-like-daddy pose...

To all other babies out there, please note: the beach is not like the pool, it is very sandy and that sand easily sneaks into your swimsuit... you may even have to take a bath on the beach... how embarrassing...

I got to meet my Great Grandma DeGraaf...

And lots of other babies!

(Lucy- 5 months, Addy Jo- 6.5 months, Ana Lee- 15 months, Jayda- 10 months)

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  1. Please keep blogging Jess! I love keeping up with you and Lucy here (oh, and that Ben guy too).

    Let's get together soon, please!