Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Fall Craft!

Have I mentioned how much I love staying home with Lucy? Of course I love that I get to spend the entire day with my little munchkin, but on top of that I am so thankful that I have the time to take care of our home and do things for others. I love being able to make my bed every day, and vacuum my floors - things that seemed like they would never get done when I worked full time. I love ironing shirts with a little Oprah in the background, or cutting coupons while Ellen is on. I love being able to meet friends for lunch and hang out with my niece and nephew... just 8 months ago I never had time to do any of the above, and most of Ben and my arguments revolved around who was going to do what around the house. Now I can take care of the home, while he brings home the bacon :)

I love this "job"!

I was thinking about all of the above this past week as I worked on a fall craft. Again, another thing I never used to have time for. I got this idea from the amazing Sarah, who has the absolute cutest ideas (by the way, please don't spend too much time on her blog, you will realize I get 90% of "my" good ideas from her and her sister Katie). Anyway, I saw these cute pots on Sarah's blog and decided to make them for Lucy's grandmas to say Happy Halloween and to thank them for all of their love and support. I had so much fun making them... hopefully Sarah will have some good Christmas ideas I can copy :)


  1. Look at how cute you are!!!
    I am very impressed! Sometimes I still don't feel like there is enough time for vacuuming! You are inspiring me!!!

  2. ah, can i be a stay at home mom without a kid??