Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowed In

Well, we've been locked up in the house for the past couple days, so I don't have any fun trips or activities to report on, but I've taken about a million photos of Lucy with my iPhone over the past week, so I thought I'd share some here and record some of Lucy's favorite things to do right now. Sometimes the quality isn't as good, but the iPhone actually takes a pretty decent picture... and I have it on me all the time, so I find I'm getting lots more shots of Lucy in action.

I thought this velor jumpsuit from my sister was just too cute! And it made me think of Lucy as a little cheetah girl (since we've been watching a little bit too much of Keeping Up With the Kardashians lately). The baby doll she is grabbing for is one of her favorite toys. She likes to kiss it, rock it, hug it and carry it around the house... precious.

happy baby

Lucy loves to play with Ruthie's bones

And will sometimes even give them back to her... but usually she's taking them, or pouting when Ruthie takes them from her (note the dog nose in the corner). Sometimes she'll even "throw" them to her, a new trick she learned this week.

no explanation here... just one cute baby

Lucy has now mastered opening cabinets (sigh), which leads to this pantry getting dumped out often and also led to her finding the recycling trash and grabbing a sprite can before I noticed it!

Lately she keeps pointing outside, usually when Ruthie is out there, but other times she just likes to go up to the window and look out... I think she is starting to feel the cabin fever too!

I think I've forgotten to mention this on the blog yet, but this girl LOVES her some TV. We rarely have it on for that reason, but once a week when I need to clip her nails I pop in a Baby Einstein DVD for 5 minutes to get her to sit still. This week, I walked away for a second and snagged a couple pictures of her, but the pictures don't show just how still she was. I've never seen this girl sit completely still doing one thing for more than 5 seconds, but the TV had her full attention.

Lucy is a really good eater and still typically likes to feed herself finger foods, but we've been working on using a spoon. She's really good at taking the spoon out of my hand once I've loaded it up and getting it to her mouth... most of the time. This night, I was on and off the phone and not playing close attention, until I realized what a mess there was! Woops!

Speaking of being on the phone, maybe I've been on it too much lately because now Lucy likes to "talk" on the phone too! She holds it up to her ear and talks gibberish into the receiver.

My iPhone may be "her" favorite Christmas present. She loves to carry it around, especially when I turn music on it, and "talk" on the phone, dance with it, and look at pictures of herself on it... Usually she is carrying it and another toy around the house with her. Seriously, I think she is almost always carrying something with her, if not two somethings. This goat, Elmo, Big Bird, a stuffed bear and her baby dolls are her favorite things to carry around...

I love her faces in the above and below pictures - above I think she is screaming something (pretty typical) and not sure what she is doing below... what a ham

Last couple pictures, I tried to grab a couple shots of her "hugging" and "rocking" her stuffed animals... seriously so precious!

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  1. She is so stinkin' cute... her clothes always make me yearn for a little girl to dress up!! I think she and Jackson may have similar personalities... he is a total ham, who is VERY vocal and loves harassing our puppies too!