Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10 Months

I'm a little late getting this up, but we had a lots going on last week! Lucy is 10 months now, and too close to a year for comfort! She continues to grow and change every day and seems to be a whole new person every week. This month she worked on mastering walking - which she now is great at, has been working on her sign language - getting better at "more" and "all done", and has picked up some new dance moves...

We just got a blu ray player in the family room and so most days we crank up the music and get down to the Sesame Street channel... I'm glad Lucy doesn't judge her mom's dancing skills yet.

Sleep has been great this month, Lucy had a minor cold that kept her up a little more than usual, but other than that she has been sleeping 12-13 hours at night and still take two 1-2 hour naps during the day (or more! today she slept for 3.5 hours in the afternoon... it was AMAZING!)

She is still nursing 4 times a day, but I can tell she is really uninterested in the lunch and dinner time nursing sessions, so I think those might be the first to go... it's crazy to think that I am going to be weaning her soon, it really feels like this year has gone by way too fast!

As mentioned before her personality has really began to blossom, Lucy has been so much fun to play with this month. She loves to walk around babbling and screaming, and laughs all the time now. She has started showing more preference for me, but likes to scream and yell for her daddy to come play with us if he's not in the same room. Despite her preference for me (which again usually shows up when she's tired or hungry) she still has been great to drop of at the nursery and with family, and everyone says she is such a happy baby while we are away. She loves to nod her head yes and shake her head no when I say "yes" or "no", and is still working on words - I think she is saying mama and dada about us, but again, not totally sure here... also, I think she is making out dog and woof sometimes... but other days not, so who knows!

And besides dancing, another one of my favorite things Lucy developed this month was a love for reading... up until this point, we have tried to read to Lucy and she has wanted nothing to do with it- wanting to get out of our laps and be on the move. But this month she has started to actually bring books over to us and will sit in Ben's lap while he reads her several books at a time. It is absolutely precious.

Lastly, another favorite (I have a lot of favorites this month!) Lucy has started giving kisses, she first would only give them to her baby doll, but now Mommy and Daddy sometimes get a kiss every once in a while too- I love those sloppy wet lips on my cheek! Speaking of baby dolls, they are still probably her favorite to play with and get drug around the house with her, get lots of kisses, and sometimes get rocked and hugged while we are dancing... precious.

A few more 10 month pictures...

Such a ham

Looking for books while we were taking pictures

This is a popular face... Lucy loves to growl and scream all day long... such an intense little baby (wonder where she gets that from???)