Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas!

Christmas was busy as usual this year - we spent Christmas eve with my mom and her family, then Christmas day visiting with Ben's family and my dad. All in all Lucy did great, maybe even better than me! By the end of the two days I was exhausted and didn't want to even think about strapping Lucy in the car seat one more time or setting up the pack n play again... but alas, we recovered! Some highlights from Christmas Eve...

Lucy woke up and we headed to Mimi's to open presents in our Christmas PJ's. Lucy got a new sled (and lots of toys) from Mimi! Which we unfortunately didn't get to use before all the snow melted... so hoping we get more snow soon.

Mimi putting a little christmas decoration on Lucy's (still bald) head...

Someone didn't get the memo that you were supposed to wear CHRISTMAS pj's :)

After opening presents we took Jadyn and Jordyn to my grandparents for the annual grandkids lunch, but we headed home with Lucy instead of going to lunch because it just seemed like too much to fit in with a baby. We also wanted to make it to church so we headed home for a nap and got ready for the 1pm church service. After church we headed to Nanni's and Poppi's for dinner and more presents!

Lucy - all dressed up in her Christmas dress from Mimi!

Quick change into PJ's (can you tell we had lots of Christmas outfits to get through in two days) and time to open presents! Lucy got books and a blanket from her cousins... and money for college from Nanni and Poppi... glad we can start saving early!

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