Friday, January 14, 2011

A Mother's Love

I was nursing Lucy and had her all snuggled in to my chest and I started thinking what I would do if I had 24 hours left to live... depressing, I know, but the author of a book I am reading mentioned the topic and so it got me thinking. At first I tried to think of what activities I would do - go to a beach, go boating, go skiing, etc, but then I realized if I really truly only had 24 hours left I'd want to see and spend time with all of my family and friends - forget trying to go anywhere! And that made me realize I'd especially want to hold and snuggle the little bundle that was currently in my lap. In fact, I decided no matter what I did in my last 24 hours, I'd want to hold Lucy as many of those 24 as I could.

At that very minute, as I was lost in thought, Lucy swung her arm back and slapped me on the cheek... I guess that's just how she says I love you too mom.

A parent's love for their child is such a crazy thing to me, and something I don't think I really understood until becoming a mother myself. How many other people would I be willing to give up my life for the minute I meet them, or give my life savings to after only knowing them for a couple seconds? Not very many... but for this smiling face, I think I'd do just about anything.


  1. very very sweet. you are a wonderful mom to our little lucy. yes, i said "our". deal with it.

  2. very sweet. you know what i love? the mother bear in me that comes out at the thought of some one/something hurting my baby. and i mean it.