Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Day

Now for even more Christmas! Ben and I opened presents just the two of us on Christmas Eve... I want the tradition to be for us to open presents as a family on Christmas morning, but Ben was really eager to open presents (am I married to a 5 year old?) and we had to go straight to the Wehner's Christmas morning, so I figured it was ok to open presents a little early until Lucy is more aware of what's going on.

Ruthie got to open a present too!

Christmas morning we woke up and headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house for MORE presents... as if this girls needs anything at all! I take a breakfast casserole over every year and Grandma Wehner made some pancakes.

We re-did the Wehner family high chair for Mom Wehner's present - crazy to think that Lucy is sitting in the same chair that her daddy sat in 25+ years ago!

Lucy and Addy Jo played for a bit while we got the presents organized. I just loved watching the girls play together - they would climb all over each other, "chase" each other through the kitchen, and "share" toys.

This is the closest I could get to the two of them looking... there were much more interesting things going on that morning!

Lucy loved the boxes and wrapping paper - I didn't think she'd really know what to do, but she actually helped unwrap the presents a bit, and even got excited about a couple toys.

One of her favorite presents was a baby doll... I think she liked that there was someone else out in the world who was just as bald as she is :)

After presents, Lucy took a nap and some of us went for a Christmas morning walk. Lucy napped so well, we actually ended up having to leave as soon as she woke up to make it to Papa Duke and Grandma Roxanne's house for even more presents (can you see why I was so exhausted!)

Waiting patiently with Daddy while others open presents...

My very own race car! Watch out Danica Patrick...

More cousins to play with - Lucy loves playing with other kids... it's funny, if we're in a room with adults and children, she automatically goes to play with the other kids... like she knows they'll be more fun to play with

After Papa Duke's we headed back to the Wehner's for dessert and to visit with Ben's grandparents... then finally home, exhausted, and thankful for so much family and so much love!

Merry Christmas, Again!
(from the pirate santa?)

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