Saturday, January 15, 2011

2010 Recap

I have the worst memory, so a big reason for me keeping this blog is to remember. That way, if someone says to me 10 years from now "Remember when..." I can physically come back to this blog and say... "Oh yes! I do!" In keeping with that idea, I wanted to do a 2010 recap, so I can remember the highlights from last year (in case I don't have time to read the entire blog to jog my memory)... so without further ado, here are the top things that stood out to me about last year:

1. Our first baby was born! Almost everything else on the list is a result of this happening, so obviously this was a huge, life changing thing. This probably won't be something I'll forget, but it wasn't something I could leave off the list either!

2. I quit my job to stay at home with Lucy - after 2 years at Ipsos and 1.5 years at Compendium, this was my first time not working since college and I love it! This is the best "job" I've had, by far!

3. I quit volunteering with the youth group - after 2.5 years serving the high school students of our church, I followed a tug on my heart to serve with an inner city ministry. God led me to Shepard Community Center where I am currently getting plugged in. Ben continues to volunteer... he will be coming up on his 3 year anniversary this February!

4. EVERYONE MOVED! I think this was God's train of thought on this one... hmm, let's see, Jess is going to have a baby, quit her job, and quit volunteering this year, that doesn't seem like enough change... let's have all of her community leave her as well. Well, I guess I can't be certain of what the reasoning is, but this was literally the year of friends moving away. 12 of our close friends moved this year, which obviously impacted us a lot. Of course we have missed them all dearly, but I do believe God has been using this time to help us grow closer as a family, connect deeper with our extended family and give more to our church and community... but I can't say that I've had that positive perspective the whole time!

5. The above also led to the end of a Bible study that we had been in for a little over 2 years (7 of the 15 members moved) which opened a door for me to be in a Bible Study with other mothers with young children and Ben to be in a Bible Study with other young business men.

6. Family changes - Ross got married in Vail and our first niece on the Wehner side was born, Addy Jo

And because no post would be complete without a picture of Lucy...

We're speeding in to the new year!

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  1. good list - this was a huge year! can't wait to read all the 2011 updates!