Thursday, March 24, 2011

12 months

I have a lot of catching up to do! This week has been all about rest and recovery (well for me anyway, I don't think Lucy got that memo) since our house is now painted and Lucy's party is over.... but I don't want to forget my final month update!

Well, we did it! Lucy is officially 1 year old, and moving out of her "baby" months and into toddler-hood. So many things have been changing over the last couple weeks as she grows up and becomes more independent. We are officially done nursing, and fortunately, it was totally baby-led. I was nervous she was going to be upset when I tried to wean her, but I honestly think she was more upset that I was trying to nurse her towards the end. My busy-body little girl just did not want to sit still and eventually I think I just lost my supply... but I made it till she was 11.5 months old, so I feel very accomplished about that! She is officially drinking whole milk now and LOVES it.

She has still been taking 2 naps, totaling about 3 hours (although this past week that has changed... not sure if she is ready to drop down to one already???), and sleeps a good 12 hours every night. The best part is, even if she's awake in her crib, she sits and is content to play, so I've laid her down for naps a couple days and just heard her talking away... I suppose that's better than not having a break at all!

She is loving the warm weather and wants to be outside every second she can, and when I don't let her she has been throwing little fits - collapsing onto the floor and fake crying in hopes of getting her way. Hopefully she'll learn soon that her tactic isn't working! She is into everything and loves to open and close doors, cabinets and drawers and then empty out the contents of whatever drawer/cabinet she has uncovered... this has obviously made for a messy, messy house! This curiosity has also led her to discovering the toilet and what she can drop into it (like my iPhone!) and trying to climb up and stand on top of just about anything... I have a feeling we'll be using a lot of band aids in the near future.

She loves going to the park and going down the slide, or just exploring and watching the other children play. She LOVES other kids and always gravitates toward them whenever I put her down. One day I took her to the library and could not keep her away from another family... it was kind of awkward, she kept walking over to them and staring and pointing at the baby! She still loves reading and sits and reads with us several times throughout the day... and of course loves the TV whenever its on. I even have to turn the news off, otherwise she'll sit and stare at the TV... doesn't she know that's boring to watch? She loves going up and down the stairs, although hasn't mastered the going down part and usually likes me to give her a piggy back ride down.

She talks a lot, and we've made out mama, dada, dog, woof, baby and hi... but they are all still pretty inconsistent. She mostly just likes to babble and scream and make funny noises with her tongue... all of which make me laugh throughout the day. And it appears she is beginning to understand a lot of what we say... she'll bring me a ball, book, or baby when I ask, she'll wave bye-bye when we say "say night-night" or "say bye-bye". She'll even shake her head "no" when we ask her to give us kisses! Not sure if that's the response we want... but it's pretty cute. At least we can get her to blow us some kisses every once in a while.

She continues to be a super happy baby and pretty independent. She still loves her mama and needs to be held/cuddled every once in a while, but ultimately she's most happy running after Ruthie in the back yard... have I mentioned how much she loves dogs?

We went to the docotor this month... Lucy has gotten huge! I remember bringing my sweet girl home from the hospital and always being nervous about her weight gain. Well I have nothing to fear now, she loves to eat and drink and has shot up on the growth charts.

Weight- 23.3lbs (83%... her last two visits she was 52% and 38%)
Height- 29.8in (73%... last visit she was 58%)
Head- 18in (72%)

Doctor said she is healthy and everything looks on track with her growth and development... although she did discover Lucy had an ear infection, so I was glad we went when we did! We are lucky though, this is Lucy's first ear infection, so she made it an entire year without getting one!

Now for the birthday girl!

being a goof ball... as usual...

happy as can be!

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  1. she is a cutie! i miss her. that's funny how her stats have gone up. what a difference a year can make! congratulations to making it so far nursing too. it must feel good to be DONE!