Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Chance to Slow Down

So... I haven't posted lately, but not because I've been too busy or stressed, mostly because we haven't been up to much... which has been AMAZING! After painting and re-doing a lot of the downstairs, then planning for Lucy's party, I needed a break. But I did want to get some pictures that I've taken over the past couple weeks to show how big our baby girl is getting and share some of her favorites lately...

Helping Dad mow the lawn (don't worry it's turned off!) Lucy has been loving pushing things around, like her stroller, almost the entire way home from the park... so naturally she loved help her dad push the lawn mower (and by the way, yay for having enough sunshine to have to mow the grass for the first time this year!)

Getting into everything! On this day I was getting ready in the bathroom and peaked down to find I could no longer see Lucy. Somebody had sneaked into the cabinet...

And this isn't a great picture, it's hard to snap a baby that's on the move with my iPhone, but just had to show off these adorable new shoes we got Lucy...

Other cute things she's been up to - going over to the pantry, pulling out the cheez-its and saying "cracker", as she looks for me to give her some, calling everyone a baby (especially pictures of herself and her baby dolls), saying "owwwww" a lot, even when she is clearly not in pain, and finding her head and toes when we ask where they are.


  1. love her outfit in that last picture. she is too cute!

  2. Oh my! she is too much! Love her shoes and am curious how she walks in them. I keep wanting to get a cute pair of sandals for C, but didn't think they would stay on or be comfortable... Lucy has inspired a wardrobe change for us!!!