Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

Now that Lucy has been alive for a full year, it's exciting to experience each holiday a second time around with her (ok, so Easter was the first time we experienced this, but I'm excited for all of the holidays coming up to compare this year to last year!) Here's a look at our sweet baby girl one year ago...

And now all grown up!

Showing off our Easter dresses... even though it was cold and miserable here, we dressed for spring!

We started by decorating some Easter cupcakes at home (ok, only I did that, but Ben helped make a casserole while I was hard at work making icing "grass)

Then spent the rest of the day with family, first at Grandma and Grandpa Wehners for a big Easter lunch (and the best shot we got as a whole family)

Then to Nani and Poppi's for Easter baskets, an Easter egg hunt and dinner. Here's a shot of Lucy finding her basket...

And then moving along, totally uninterested in it

Ok, maybe the egg hunt will be a little more interesting... She's spotted one!

Reaching for it...


In all actuality she wasn't that interested in this activity either, she was more excited about being outside and watching all her crazy cousins run around. This was the one egg she actually went after, the others she just walked right by!


  1. i remember those pictures from lucy's first Easter. it doesn't seem like a year ago! you look really pretty. I like your long hair and i love your dress. where is that from?

  2. Thanks Katie! I got it from Old Navy... thought it would be a good dress to grow with me :)