Sunday, May 8, 2011

My favorite chair

Recently, Lucy has figured out how to climb up onto things. She is so proud of herself when she does this, shouting, clapping and hopping up and down whenever she is pulled herself up onto something - it's pretty adorable. One of her favorite things to climb up on to is a chair we have in the corner of our family room. It's probably my least favorite item in our home (a chair Ben's had since college), but now I've found a new love for this chair as I watch Lucy climb up onto it and sit, completely content, for at least 10 minutes (which is like and hour in toddler world).

Here she is with some of her friends (baby and big bird)...

I took shots over a couple days to show just how much she gets into the chair... it's a daily ritual. This time I saw her rocking her baby in the chair... just like her momma rocks her...

We've also had snack time in the chair- it makes me feel like she's so grown up. I give her a cup of crackers and her milk and she sits still to eat them.

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  1. that first picture of her big proud smile is so cute!