Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mini Marathon

This past weekend Ben ran in the mini marathon! I was so proud of him for not only getting a great time, but also for all of the training he did leading up to it. There were many mornings that he would wake up at 5:30am go to the gym and run, just so he could get home and hang out with Lucy and I during the evenings.

Not only did Ben do the marathon, but 3 of his brothers and his mom ran as well. Lucy and I went to watch, but unfortunately only caught site of Ben and Ross (although Luke and Nick ran by while we were standing there, some how we missed them). Here are all the boys after the race (we missed seeing Mom Wehner because it had started raining and we needed to head to the car before she crossed the finish)

Lucy and I tried to catch Ben at the 4 mile mark (which also happened to be the 10 mile mark) but I think we just missed him. I was so bummed, Lucy and I had rushed out the door, and rushed to the 4 mile mark, but Ben was able to get to the start line faster than we had planned so I think I was about 10 minutes to late. We did get to see him at mile 10, we just had to wait about an hour till he came back around.

Katy and Brandon were in town for Katy's graduation so they met up with us at the finish and then we celebrated with Ben at Taste in Broad Ripple.

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