Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer Days

It has finally been warming up around here, so Lucy and I have been taking full advantage of the nice weather and playing outside a lot! This is Lucy's absolute favorite thing to do - she LOVES being outside.

My mom gave her this baby doll stroller and she loves to push her baby around in it. It's pretty cute to watch.

Although we've had a couple moments when the stroller was not cooperating with Lucy and so the baby got tossed. These are the times when I realize that we are in full swing toddler-hood, as Lucy tries to communicate something with me, and then gets irritated when I can't figure out what she wants.

Finally she was happy to sit in the stroller herself! I think she's practicing to be a big sister...

And of course, with the weather heating up, we had to break out our kiddie pool. I tried to get more pictures of this day because we had a lot of fun playing in the water and eating Popsicles, but I realized a lot were not internet appropriate. But here's our back yard set up... I was concerned about Lucy getting too much sun, so I rigged up a little backyard oasis for us.

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