Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby 2 - 12 Week Update

I'm way behind on my blogging, as I've been wanting to get an update on Lucy and and update on the pregnancy on the blog for the past couple weeks, but somebody has been keeping me very, very preoccupied (more on that in the next post). For now, I wanted to report on the happenings of baby 2 and the pregnancy so far. As I mentioned in my previous posts, some of the immediate symptoms I had before taking the pregnancy test were the same as with Lucy, and it turned out that the entire first trimester has been almost exactly the same. Same cravings - salty foods, McDonald's french fries and same aversions - coffee (convenient since I gave it up anyway!) and sweet things don't really sound that appealing (don't get me wrong, I'll have dessert, I just don't care for it as much as I did before). I also get in the mood for random things at random times and that is pretty much the only thing I want... that seems to change daily.

Nausea and fatigue were pretty much the same too - fortunately, as with Lucy, I never actually got sick, I just felt nauseated if I didn't keep my stomach full. Ben and I joke that I usually have 1st breakfast, 2nd breakfast, 1st lunch, 2nd lunch, dinner and then a bed time snack. Unfortunately, as with Lucy, this led to weight gain in the first trimester which is not ideal! At least this time I knew that I would gain the weight this first trimester and then things would slow down once my appetite went away (which it already has!) So, I've gained about 10 pounds so far, which is far too much for an average pregnancy but I guess for my pregnancies it is normal, because that's exactly how much I gained with Lucy.

Although the tiredness was the same, it still felt miserable! I had forgotten how tired the first trimester really makes you. Except this time around, one benefit of being at home instead of working, I got to take naps when Lucy napped or at least rest a bit when she rested. The tiredness lasted for about 6 weeks (I'm starting to feel a lot better) and honestly in the midst of it, I literally felt depressed. We had a really rainy April, which I think made my mood even worse, so I felt like doing nothing. At least when I was working, I was forced to go do something every day, see people, act normal. This time around, I was too tired to make plans, but I got so tired of sitting in the house... watching the rain come down. So I was in a pretty bad mood about my situation (the hormones probably didn't help). My internal clock also seems to have switched, like with Lucy - I'm exhausted and ready for bed at about 9pm and up in the morning at 7/7:30am ready to go (normally I'm more of a night owl).

Back to the hormones - I felt emotionally about the same, on the verge of tears any time I read or see anything slightly emotional and I've felt just the slightest bit more on edge... luckily Ben was ready for it this time! Tiny things seem to bother me and I find myself getting annoyed easily. It's funny, I know when I'm being bothered that it's totally irrational and that I'm only upset because of the pregnancy... but that does not seem to make me feel any better or make the situation any less irritating!

The biggest difference this time around is that my belly has already started to pop out. I looked back at my "15 week survey" and saw that I wasn't even wearing maternity clothes yet. This time around I broke out my maternity pants at around 9 or 10 weeks! It just felt wrong keeping them locked up when my regular pants were starting to get too uncomfortable.

Here's my belly so far with baby 2 (this is supposed to be 12 weeks... but it's actually 13!)

I think that pretty much sums up the last 12 weeks - thankfully I am beginning to feel so much more normal, and am very excited to enjoy the honeymoon phase of this pregnancy!


  1. impressive! way to stay on top of the details for both pregnancies!

  2. whoa, deja vu with the picture! i can't wait to watch baby #2's progression! i'm glad you are starting to feel better. this baby is so lucky to have you as mom!