Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fourth of July - Holland (part 2)

On the actual Fourth of July we spent most of the morning packing up at the hotel. Lucy slept in till 9 so we had a late breakfast and then headed over to Ben's grandparents for their 60th anniversary party- a cook-out with Ben's aunts, uncles and cousins.

Our little firecracker, one year ago...

And now, all grown up! (but still just as bald... ok, ok, her hairs growing, you just can't see it in this picture!)

Thanks for my Fourth of July outfit Mimi! You got me one last year and this year... so I'm expecting something cute next year!)

Playing on the swing set at Great Grandma and Grandpa DeGraaf's.

Hanging out with two of my favorite guys at the cookout. Dad...

And Grandpa...

And let's not forget baby boy... he's hidden somewhere in there!

We headed home from the cookout, Lucy napped about 45 minutes in the car (even though she was exhausted and usually naps for 2 hours, I've found car naps never make it past the 45 minute mark). But instead of going straight home, we went over to Beth's for a Fourth of July cookout and to catch some fireworks. I forgot to snag any pictures there, but we had a blast and it was a great way to end our busy, fun filled, Fourth of July weekend!

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