Wednesday, August 3, 2011

23.5 Week Survey - Baby 2

Ok, so I am actually almost 24 weeks, but I did this survey when I was 23.5 weeks with Lucy, so I wanted the titles to match!

Week and day: 23 weeks and 6 days

Belly Button in or out: almost fully out, well as much as it probably is going to be, I don't think my belly button goes as far out as others, but I definitely noticed it popping out early this time.

Wedding rings on or off: On, so far, but they are pretty uncomfortable during these hot summer days. Plus I don't think my fingers every went back to their original size... wondering if I'll need to get the rings re-sized.

Food cravings: Salty stuff, but also I've noticed a strong desire for chocolate/peanut butter foods... even if that means taking a piece of baking chocolate and dipping it in a jar of peanut butter... whatever works!

Food aversions: none

Nausea: none - I really feel like my normal self, besides a little extra around my belly

Energy level: energy level is great! although I do find myself tiring easier than normal, i.e. today I took a quick nap while Lucy was sleeping and I find myself doing that about once a week or so. Most days I'm full of energy, but some days I'm just dragging...

Weight gain: About 20 pounds, I have been watching this very, very closely and I think I'm doing pretty good. Last time I seemed to have gained the same amount of weight that I was in weeks (i.e. at 32 weeks I had gained 32 pounds), I'm tracking a little under that this time, so yay!!

Mood: I definitely am more aware of my temper this time around - last time I think I didn't realize how moody the pregnancy had made me, I just thought that was my normal... now I realize that Jess off of pregnancy hormones is a different person than Jess on pregnancy hormones... things seem to make me angrier quicker and/or I get sad about things quicker... funny, this time around instead of it all being directed at Ben, I have found myself getting angry/sad about friend and family stuff more often... lucky Ben!

Maternity clothes: shoot, I think I broke these out around 8 weeks!

Size of baby: Almost an ear of corn! A foot long and just over a pound. (just left this from last time... I'm assuming it's the same!)

Changes of baby: Brain and taste buds developing, lungs develop respiratory "branches"

Next appointment: Today, got a little teddy bear with baby boy's heart beat to bring home - cool! but Lucy doesn't like it :)

Other: Last time I mentioned how strangers congratulate me on the pregnancy - this actually doesn't happen often, maybe people see me with a kid and just assume I still have a little left over from the first baby! I feel like I had so many other things to say here that I wanted to remember about carrying baby boy, but I forget now... ahh pregnancy brain! 24 week pictures to come soon!

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  1. so fun, jess! :) what a good idea. i'm with you on that pb & choco craving. we should go out for something pb & choco with our bellies one of these days!