Tuesday, June 26, 2012

St. George Island

 This post is long over due, has way to many pictures, and I'm pretty sure all of the pictures are out of order... oh well! Here are pictures from our vacation!  We drove 13 hours through the night to St. George Island.  Both babies did pretty well on the trip down, Lucy didn't sleep as much as normal, but when she wasn't sleeping she was happy in the car, so we were happy.  Hank would wake up every hour or so and let a couple little cries out and then go right back to sleep.  What a dream.  When Lucy would wake up, she was really disoriented so we had to comfort her, but otherwise she did great too.

Both kids were great in Florida as well.  In fact, since Hank had been sick the 3 weeks prior to vacation he was actually the best he'd been all month... we got lucky! I was expecting the worst, I know how kids usually get thrown off on vacation, but Hank actually slept better.  He slept in a walk in closet in our room, so we didn't disrupt his sleep at all and Lucy had her own room to sleep in too. 

We spent most of the week going to the beach every morning and swimming in the pool in the afternoon.  For our family it was the perfect set up, it was a couple minutes walk to the beach but the house we rented had a pool, so we could relax and lay out while the kiddos slept. 

We went with Jadyn, Jordyn, my mom, her friend Donna, and Donna's grandson Gavin.  I'm not going to lie, the idea of going on vacation with 5 kids and 4 adults stressed me out a bit, but it actually ended up being perfect.  Lucy loved playing with all of the kids, and the older kids loved playing with her and Hank, so it was fun to have them all there.

My little dare devil was actually afraid of the water.  It would take her a bit every day to warm up to the waves.
Surprisingly Hank didn't love the water as much as I remembered Lucy loving it.  Most days he would camp out in a baby pool we had blown up next to the big pool.  He was happy there.  He did however love playing in the sand and eating it!

We rented a golf cart for the week - it was the best decision! The kids loved it (and by kids I mean Ben) and it made getting around so much easier.
A trip to get ice cream!


Out to eat for my mom's bday
"oh, please"

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