Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Update

We've been busy, busy, busy lately.  I'm sure most of it is recovering from vacation, but it also seems like we hit the ground running once we got back, all with lots of fun things.

Bucket list update:
Boating on Geist - Check!
This wasn't on the original bucket list, but it's definitely something Ben and I have wanted to do - a couple weeks ago we went out with our friends the Nurmi's on their boat.  We had an awesome time and feel so thankful to know so fun, generous friends.  I'll be adding and crossing this off our list!

I also went out with Beth and Courtney on Beth's parents boat for my birthday.  I forgot to take any pictures, but it was a fun day... Thanks Beth (and of course the Kinney's for letting us use their boat!)

Tour de Carmel - Check!
We also did our "Tour de Carmel" date night a couple weeks ago but I forgot to take any pictures again... boo.  But we had a fun time going out with Erin, Dave, Kristy and her new boyfriend Jason the night before my birthday.  We went for drinks and appetizers at DeTour, dinner at Bazbeaux's and dessert at Huddles.  It was a great night with great friends!

For my birthday, I volunteered in the morning and then spent the rest of the day being pampered by Ben.  He got us lunch (we were supposed to do a picnic but Hank didn't get the memo and decided to go to sleep when we were supposed to be leaving), let me read my book (oh yeah, maybe that's another reason we've been so busy, I've been so in to reading lately, I love finding a good book!), and then took me out to dinner AND had a babysitter all set up... now that's what I call a great  night!

Our sweet friends Heather and Christian babysat for us  - we are so blessed to have such great friends nearby! (I stole the below pictures from Heather's blog...)

The next day was Father's Day - I didn't plan much because I know ben's style is to be more laid back and if I would have done more stuff it would have just stressed me out, so I guess I gave Ben the gift of not being stressed out!  We went to church, Ben hung out with his dad and brothers in the afternoon and we had my dad over for dinner. I asked Lucy what we should get Ben and he said clothes, so I got him a shirt and swim trunks.
Happy Father's Day to one of the most incredible men that I know!

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