Friday, July 6, 2012

Hank 7 Months

Well, I was on schedule to get this up right after Hank turned 7 months, but I typed this a while ago and am just now getting it up.  Shoot...

STATS:  We took Hank to a medcheck to get his ears checked and they weighed him in at 19lbs 11oz.  No height or head measurements this month.

SLEEP/EAT: Sleep and food wise there really aren’t many changes from the last time I wrote.  He still nurses 6 times a day and eats solids 3 times a day.  He is getting more independent and doesn’t want to be spoon fed as much, so I have been trying to be creative in finding soft finger foods he can have since he just barely has two teeth.  He slept much better this month and was finally clear of all illnesses.  He averages about two 1.5 hour naps and one 45min-1hr nap - he doesn't seem anywhere near ready to give up the third nap.  He lays down really great and typically will not fuss when I lay him down, but this month he learned to pull up and stand in the crib so that led to a lot more playing during nap time rather than sleeping.  He still nurses once in the middle of the night around 5:30am, although I feel like he is getting to a point where he doesn’t really need it anymore because he doesn’t seem that hungry in the morning when I try to nurse him.

MILESTONES: This was a big month for Hank, he learned to pull up to standing on his own, to regular crawl, and has been doing a little cruising while standing too – I can’t believe we are already into this stage!  I will pull out the drawers on our TV cabinet and he will walk along them to get to different toys. And he loves walking around if you hold him up by his hands.  He also has been babbling lots more and may have started waving too, I’m not sure if his hand movement is intentional or not, but either way I’m sure he’ll definitely be doing it soon!  When he's not babbling he loves to grunt and squeal... really loud... especially when we are at the quiet library!

Checking out the "other" baby in the dishwasher

Here's Lucy's 7 month pictures... I definitely think Hank is getting his own unique look, but I still see a lot of similarities... Let's just say I won't be surprised if I have another Ben Jr. on my hands.

Getting pictures this month was SUPER challenging.  Hank is such a busy body, he would not sit still.  I had trouble getting the monthly pictures I always try to get, but I did get a few other cute shots.  This one is my favorite...

I felt like most of this month was either spent on vacation or recovering from vacation, but Hank is a trooper.  He is an extremely smiley and happy baby and we get comments on it all the time.  I think the only time I really hear him fuss is when he’s done with a nap or doesn’t want to go down for a nap and I’m not right there to get him (or when he is not feeling well..).  He plays really well independently and will sit in our family room and be entertained by toys for a long time (not something I remember as much with Lucy).  He gets roughed up by his older sister a lot (although she is just trying to love on him, it’s usually a little too rough) but seems to love her more and more every day.  As I mentioned earlier his bottom two teeth officially came in this month.  It seems like he is still teething though because he seems to be constantly putting things in his mouth and chewing on things.

Here he is cruising along the coffee table...

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  1. great pics! you're getting the hang of that thing!