Friday, July 20, 2012

Lake Wawasee

 We have been busy, busy, busy!  All with really good, really fun stuff, so I can't complain, but I am looking forward to a weekend at home with no packing (even though that weekend at home includes, volunteering, a wedding, a shower, a family gathering, and a girls night out!)

Here are pictures from our trip to Lake Wawasee (from a few weekends ago).  It is my absolute favorite place to be, and luckily for us, Katy and Brandon invite us up every year (despite the fact that we keep growing).   We are so thankful for their (and their family's) graciousness!
Lucy and Drew tubing

Which did not end so well!  I lost my balance and took both kids in with me (going about 5 miles an hour).  This led to both of them crying and drew yelling, "I want to go back to the car!".  After the boat came back and Dave jumped in to help me, we realized that I was actually only in waist deep water.

We had surprisingly good weather, considering how hot this summer has been.  A good mix of sunshine and rain!
The "big kids" out skiing with the girls
love that little face peeping in the background
life lessons from b-bop
love these girls
the babes
We got some skiing and tubing in and I even got up on the wake board for the first time.  Both babies slept really well, we ended up being able to separate them so Hank slept with us and Lucy slept with Katy and Brandon upstairs. 

Thanks Katy and Brandon for an amazing weekend!!!


  1. Looovvvveeee Wawasee weekends with the wehners!!

  2. I found your blog and wanted to see if the Kosciusko County CVB could use some of your photos (Lake Wawasee with your family) on our website. and on our social media outlets (facebook, twitter).

    Please let me know if you are willing to share your photos. Thanks

    Mary Kittrell

  3. fun! so many kiddos in that group picture - wow!