Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Update

As I mentioned before, we have been busy!  Here is my attempt at updating the blog... a big photo dump from my phone.  Not all of these items were on the summer bucket list to begin with... but I think we'll add them!
Buy A Trampoline... check! More to come on this....

Cheer For Daddy's Softball Team.... check!
Add Wall Decor To Hank's Nursery... Check! (eventually I'll have Hank's room fully decorated and then eventually I'll put pictures on the blog, but for now, you can see the cute banner my talented friend Heather made for Hank's room)

VeggieTales Dance Party... check!
Swing... check!
This next series is how our trip home from the park went.  We made a stop at the creek...
Hank didn't get out to play, but waved from the stroller
We started out with Hank in the Baby Bjorn and Lucy in the Bob (I didn't take the double this time because often Hank gets fussy and Lucy wants to walk, so I end up pushing around an empty double stroller while holding one baby and chasing another).  Lucy wanted to walk on the way home so I put Hank in the stroller.  After several times asking, Lucy then ended up in the Baby Bjorn... It was pretty hilarious.

She also attempted a ride in the basket below...
Pool Party... check!  We watched our friends kids, Ben and GiGi a couple weeks ago, and everyone enjoyed a little pre-dinner swim.
The babes... such divas.  They each insisted on having their own pool..
But then realized it was easier to share toys if they sat in the same pool.
I'm not going to lie, it was a little crazy trying to get 4 kids fed, then two babies changed and put to bed while two toddlers ran around, but we did it! And after the babies went to sleep we relaxed with some popsicles!

Farmer's Market... check! (I think this is the only item that was actually on our original bucket list)
More Park Time... Check!

We are enjoying our summer to the fullest!

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