Sunday, September 23, 2012

Generation Photos

Oh man, I think this is the longest time I've gone between blog posts! For some reason life has seemed so busy lately, but I'm not sure where all the time has gone! I need to do a recap post ASAP... a weekend away with some girlfriends reminded me of the importance of writing down all these memories so I can be sure to hold onto them forever! 

So, here I go, one update at a time!

Several weeks ago we went over to my mom's for a gathering with her two best friends, Joanne and Donna and all their families.  I grew up with these women and their children, so it was cool to see all of them again and how their families have grown.  I love the relationship my mom has with these women and it has shown me the importance of having and holding onto close women friendships in your life.

Each family, from left to right: Sue and fam, Donna and fam, Joanne and fam.  Four generations of family.

This one includes spouses/significant others and my grandpa!
Love this picture... mom's irritated, Jadyn's being dramatic, Lucy and Jordyn are side-tracked and Hank is just being Hank.
We even got a few pictures with just the four of us, but it was hard to get everyone looking in the same direction!

One of my favorites! Love this little guy so much!

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