Monday, September 3, 2012

More Lucy Pictures

I'm discovering I've got a couple problems...
1. My kids are just too darn cute
2. I am liking my new camera way too much
3. And I have trouble narrowing down which pictures are my favorite
So this post is just a bunch of random cute pictures of the kiddos, nothing that exciting, but I need a way to organize all this cuteness! 

I took these first couple pictures when Hank was getting his photo shoot.  Lucy wanted her picture taken too, of course.  These first two are my favorite!


Ponytail... enough said... 

 And a couple sibling pictures to throw in the mix.  Mimi bought these chairs for Lucy and Hank, and they love them!

 And finally a few sibling pictures from our photo shoot day.

 Ok - hopefully I can contain myself these next couple weeks and take less pictures.  Seems like most moms have the opposite problem, so I guess I'm glad these days will be well documented!


  1. oh my gosh, lucy's hair is getting SO long! i love the pics with her yellow blanket, and hank looks like a little ben :)

  2. i love all the pictures! keep them coming!