Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thankful on Tuesdays

So much to be thankful for lately, but I am definitely needing to remind myself of that.  Lately it's been easy for me to look at a lot of areas in our life that our lacking (for whatever reason), these posts are such a good way for me to remember all that we have been blessed with.  And at church this past weekend, I was reminded of the importance of Lucy and Hank watching Ben and I exhibit thankfulness in everything we do.

A semi-succesful garden! Our spinach, broccoli and tomatoes produced pretty well.  Green beans all got eaten by bugs (despite organic spray), carrots just never seemed to fully develop (Lucy is eating the 1 carrot, out of like 10 that I've tried that was actually tasty), and our peppers never grew over a foot... not sure what happened there.  Looking forward to trying some new veggies next year!

A fun night out with this "model" couple.  We went to Bonge's for Katy's birthday (a summer bucket list item!)... thankful for good friends, a good babysitter, and good food!

Amazing friends who are like family that spoil Lucy and Hank rotten!  Thanks to Aunt Bethy, Weezy and Gimpy for all the fun new stuff!

Two things from this picture: New running shoes! There is nothing like a sweet new pair of shoes to help motivate me to go to the gym. And new floors!
Our absolutely amazing, wonderful, generous, awesome friends, Heather and Christian who helped Ben lay part of the floor while I was out of town one weekend and then came back two weekends later to finish.  That's right, you read that correctly... I was off laying around with a bunch of girlfriends, while Ben and Christian worked on the floors and Heather watched Lucy, Hank and Henry (their son), all to surprise me when I got home.  I mean, I can't think of anything sweeter.  So thankful for Ben and so thankful for Christian and Heather.

Potty Success! I still wouldn't call Lucy fully potty trained, but she has made some great strides in the past couple months.  I still give a lot of reminders, but Lucy has gone on her own more and has gotten into a routine poop schedule.  I may give more details on this in another post, but for now I am seriously just so thankful that we are moving forward in this area.  (We were riding the train at the mall here to celebrate Lucy going poop at the  mall!)

And of course, I am always thankful for these babies. Seriously... daily I give thanks.  I am one lucky mom. (They were both cracking up in this video... it was adorable.)


  1. Seriously Jess, I don't think you understand how much fun Christian and I had helping with the floors. It was OUR pleasure!

  2. the floors look great! that was so nice of heather and christian to help!