Saturday, May 8, 2010

Always Be Prepared

I took Lucy out to lunch with Beth, Courtney and I at McAlister's this past Thursday. I feel like a pretty prepared mom when I head out of the house, but the picture below shows that I wasn't fully prepared for the blow out that would happen that afternoon... that's how my little girl had to come home from McAlister's...

Lucy had a blow out in her pants and while I was changing her into her new outfit in the changing room she peed all over the extra outfit I had with me! Not to mention it was my first time changing her in public, the changing table (when pulled down) blocked all the stalls so 2 people were standing there watching me (waiting to go to the bathroom), and then I had to carry my little girl through the restaurant in nothing but a diaper and receiving blanket!

I guess next time we go out we'll bring two outfits with us.

Lucy didn't seem to mind though...


  1. She is still precious though! I will still have lunch with you and Miss Lucy anytime! : )

  2. Maybe she just likes to be naked. I think she is a nudist Jess! This may have been part of her plan all along. Check my theory with a three outfit excursion.

  3. that first picture is too cute!