Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Solid Foods Continued

Here are some pictures from our first solid food experience with Lucy - as I mentioned before, she loved it! In fact, so much so, I was concerned about the amount she was taking in. The first time we offered carrots, she finished a whole jar and then cried when I took it away. Now every time we start to get the food ready she gets so excited shaking her hands up and down - kind of similar to what Ben does when I start to fix him a meal.

So far we have done Rice, Carrots, Banana, and Avocado. The avocado did not go over well, but she is slowly taking more of it, and I tried to make homemade carrots (we started with jar carrots since we were on vacation) and she did not like those as well at first either.

It's funny, Lucy has never been a very hungry baby, but I think these solid foods are changing her. I can finally start to see some of those Wehner hunger genes in her.

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