Friday, September 17, 2010


My first Florida vacation!

Last week we headed to Florida for vacation with Mom, Tim, Jordyn and our family. We drove through the night, so the trip down went pretty smooth - Lucy slept all but a half hour at around 3 am when she woke up and cried for a bit. Same for the way up. I think we'll probably travel that way until our kids are at least over 6 - a sleeping child is a happy child!

I had been told vacations throw babies off, so I decided we'd be a little more relaxed about schedules and naps on this trip. Fortunately the first four days Lucy slept amazing and stayed on schedule on her own accord- despite the new conditions. Panama City is an hour earlier than Indy, so we found ourselves waking at 6am every day (Lucy normally wakes around 7am at home) but Lucy would then go to bed pretty early. Unfortunately, that only lasted four days and the second half of the week brought a lot of tears, a lot of fighting sleep and a grumpy mom. Double unfortunately, those trends have continued here at home... but I'll talk about that in another post.

Lucy loved the ocean and the pool - but mostly loved playing with her water toys inside her swim float...

In keeping with the flexible theme, Lucy took some of her naps on the beach... but they usually ended up being short naps, so I tried to lay her down back at the condo as much as possible.

When she was awake - she was happy as ever!

It was nice to go on vacation with Mom and Tim as they helped a lot with Lucy and allowed Ben and I to spend more time at the pool/beach and have a little alone time.

Although sometimes we caught them sleeping on the job...

Jordyn really came out of his shell on the trip - going into the "big boy pool", the ocean, and riding a jet ski!!

And of course he loved playing with Lucy...

All in all it was a great vacation. I learned a couple things: if you are trying not to get burned at the beach - take a 6 month old, as you'll spend a lot of time in the shade and a lot of time indoors... go with the flow - it was so much easier to follow Lucy's lead than for her to follow mine... little boys have a lot of energy :)... and lastly, taking a 6 month old to the beach can actually be fun - I thought this vacation would just feel like every day I am at home (which I love, don't get me wrong, I just figured why pay a bunch of money to go do what I do every day), but I actually had a blast hanging out with my family, getting extra help with Lucy and playing with her as she took in new experiences at the pool and ocean - much more fun than being at home by myself all day!

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  1. looks like a great time and looks like you got plenty tan! i figured vacation had to be more fun than being at home alone :)