Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Milestones!

Lucy has been on the move this week! She's officially "creeping" - not quite crawling, but gets forward by getting up on all fours then throwing herself forward, she can go from laying down to sitting up (adding a new dimension to nap time), and just yesterday I discovered her ability to pull herself up and stand holding on to something other than Ben or I.

Learning this was actually funny, I've never seen Lucy pulling up on anything before, but after about 20 minutes of her talking in her crib (odd bc she's usually only sleeping or crying in the crib), I peaked my head in and found her up on her knees sucking on the crib rail! What a little rascal... I couldn't help but crack up laughing... who needs a paci when you can just suck on the crib!

I took these pictures later...

I helped her to standing (she's still working on getting past being on her knees) but once she was up there she stood all on her own!

Today's nap... I peaked in after 20 minutes (thinking she was zonked) and found her sitting, spinning the mobile... this should make for an interesting couple days!

**editor's note, right after I wrote this, I was playing with Lucy downstairs and she was able to pull herself up onto her feet!

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