Monday, June 13, 2011

Dancing in the Street

I have not been good about taking my camera with me lately, as I mentioned before, my iPhone has such a good camera on it so I usually just end up taking pictures with that... although it's not as good as our regular camera, so I should really start carrying around our camera more often! Anyway, all that to say, we did a lot of fun things this past weekend, but I didn't really get any pictures of them besides a couple with my iPhone that I wanted to include here... but I also figured I'd write down what we did because I do have such a bad memory and I want to remember what keeps us so busy!

Friday night Ben played softball so Lucy and I went to watch and played with some of the other kids that came to watch their dads. On Saturday we didn't have much planned besides me volunteering at Shepard in the morning, so after getting some chores done we had our day wide open in front of us. We stopped by Ben's parents house to go to their neighborhood pool for a bit and then decided to take a walk on the Monon and eat dinner at Bazbeaux. Much to our surprise, when we pulled up to the Monon the street was blocked off and there was a festival taking place in downtown Carmel! We had such a fun time walking through the festival, still made it to the monon and Bazbeaux and got a funnel cake for dessert on our walk back through the festival to our car.

There was a band playing so we stopped to enjoy the funnel cake and let Lucy out of her stroller for a bit, and it turns out, give everyone around us a show- Lucy was the life of the party, showing off her dancing skills to all of Carmel:

Tons of people kept stopping and saying how cute she was and how fun it was that she was dancing... we agreed!

First taste of a carnival food (and loving it)...

The night ended up being a blast, and I was so glad that we have enough space and time in our lives right now to stumble upon random carnivals and enjoy time as a family!

And although I don't have any pictures, I must include that Sunday was a great day as well- Ben watched Lucy and I got to begin some birthday festivities by going out with Beth and Courtney on Beth's boat and then going out to dinner with my mom and sister at Ruth's Chris... both things were a wonderful way to start my birthday week!


  1. cute video. i like lucy's pretty little sandals.

    sounds like a fun weekend! i love random festivals. i remember when brent and i stumbled into "norwood day." seems like ages ago!