Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Time!

We are in the full swing of summer here and I am loving it! Lucy and I spend most of our days outside, but take some breaks from the heat since it's been 90+ degrees lately!

Here's a glimpse of some of our summer activities...

Swinging in the front yard (sometimes baby gets to swing too)

Going to the zoo with Drew (this was the Lafayette Zoo, but hopefully Erin and I will make it to the Indy zoo sometime this summer too!)

Bike rides with dad

Ok, this one's random, but lately Lucy loves to play in the car - I have no idea why, but every time we go to the garage she asks to get up in the car, usually by pointing and yelling "mamamamama!" or sometimes I get a "peas" (please). So I just let her do her thing!

Playing in the sprinkler (this is not really a hit, I think maybe it's a little scary for Lucy, but she likes to watch Ruthie run through and drink the sprinkler water)

Backyard pool and waterslide!

Hanging out in just a diaper

I like the above picture because I love how tiny Lucy looks in our back yard, I love that she actually let me leave her side! (we've been having some progress in the clinginess department) and it reminded me of all the backyard issues we've already had this summer: 3 snakes, a dead bird in our dryer vent, and a tree knocked over one of our fence posts (note the missing fence post in the back)... ready for a little peace and quiet at our house!


  1. Ellie totally loves playing in the car too! I have no idea but she is always wanting to these days. Looks like you and Lucy are having lots of fun! We'll have to get together with our little one's one of these days!

  2. so lucy is totally ben's child - i hope the next is all you! got to keep it balanced.