Thursday, January 5, 2012

S'mores Night

While I was pregnant I had grand gestures of making an advent calendar and doing lots of fun Christmas-y things with our family leading up to Christmas... and then Hank came... and I remembered how exhausting newborns are! Needless to say, the advent calendar was put on hold. Their were days when I just wanted to skip over Christmas completely, but we found a few hours here and their to put up our tree, shop for presents and do one activity I had planned for our advent calendar... indoor s'mores.

Helping Dad build the fire...

Digging into the s'more ingredients... who has time to sit and wait to assemble the s'more!

Ok, maybe I'll try toasting a marshmallow... and look at that sweet mullet Lucy has going on :)

Nah, I'd rather just eat it...

Loving on daddy...

Chocolate face!


And let's not forget Hank - he slept through the whole thing!