Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Snuggle Time

I'm still playing catch up here! These are a bunch of random pictures from Hank's first month of life. Here's what I found in common with these pictures... how much we love cuddling with Hank!

Daddy holding his son - Ben usually takes over about 8 or 9pm and gives Hank a bottle and gets him to sleep while I try to fall asleep ASAP so that I can get a decent amount of rest before my middle of the night nursing marathon begins.

Big sis - Lucy still loves holding Hank a ton. She usually asks to hold him several times a day and has continued to be a great big sister. She even helps bring toys to Hank, likes to have tummy time with Hank, and likes singing and talking to him. She usually says in a high pitched voice to him "Hi baby hank" or "Hi bubba" or "Hi goofy guy"... it's pretty cute.

Even Ruthie gets in on the snuggling...

Ok, nobody is snuggling with him here... but look how cute he is, who wouldn't want to hold this little guy!!

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  1. Lucy and Hanks outfit changes are sooo cute!

    Oh and Judah just turned one and still hates his crib.. I think its because we decided to go with my husband on travel the first 8 months of Judahs life and we were essentially living out out suitcases and it was easier to co-sleep in the hotel than to trust their 1920's looking cribs ;-)