Friday, August 10, 2012

Lake Ella

2 weeks after getting home from Mahomet, we traveled to my grandparents lake cabin in southern Indiana, Lake Ella. My cousins, Lauren, Jillian and Makenna all LOVE playing with Hank and Lucy (and of course Jadyn and Jordyn do), so we had tons of help with the babies.  Ben and I actually got to relax a bit!  At first I felt bad leaving Hank with them so much, but then I was listening to them while they were watching Hank one afternoon:

"Ok Jadyn, your 5 minutes is up, now it's my turn to hold him." 
"Ok, but then we should probably give him 5 minutes to play on the ground by himself"

Seriously?!?! They were actually fighting over him, and conscious enough that he needed some crawl around time too.  They are too sweet.

While we had lots of help during the day, the babies did not take well to sleeping at night, so we ended up leaving a little sooner than we had planned.  On Friday night, Lucy kept getting out of her room and screaming crying when we put her back (very unlike her) so she didn't end up officially falling asleep till 11:45pm, then Hank woke up to nurse at 2:30am (unlike him too) and again at 5:30am for the day.  I tried to ignore him at 5:30 but since he was sharing a room with Ben, Ruthie and I, I don't think he was having it.  It was also hard for me to fall back asleep at 5:30am bc I kept thinking I was hearing a pitter patter of footsteps above my head.  Turns out I was right, when I finally caved and took Hank out of his pack n play at 6am, I found Lucy was already up playing around.  Let's just say everybody was a little sleepy that day!

A few pictures from the weekend...
My grandma, the lake's namesake.  We were taking pictures to update her facebook profile picture :)

I think this was about 7:30am, Hank is all smiles!
Lauren holding Hank
Boat ride with Jillian... I think this is Jillian... shoot... now I can't remember.  The twins are identical, so I'm not a bad cousin, just hard to tell them apart!

Ruthie had a blast of course.  My grandfather owns about 70 acres and the entire lake, so we just let Ruthie run around as much as she wanted.

helping mom in the kitchen
this girl needs to be an actress, she sure knows how to get her pout on
Swimming! Lucy didn't love the water, I figured she would have been in the whole time, but I don't think she was that comfortable.  Just this past week we've had her in a real life jacket at the YMCA pool (previously we had her in more a swim jacket) and she has been loving the water and jumping in on her own.  We'll have to try that down at the lake next time.

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