Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bible Study Getaway

We have been busy! Between just every day life, we've also been traveling lots and I've been busy planning my 10 year high school reunion.  Here are highlights from one of our recent trips.  A few weeks ago our Bible study was invited to spend the weekend at Thad's parents home which is set on a private lake in Mahomet, IL.  It was amazing!  The home was gorgeous, the lake was gorgeous, and the company was perfect!  Between the 6 couples that went we had 7 babies and 1 on the way.  Let's just say our Bible study has been growing over the past year.

A few pictures from the trip (I stole all these from Heather and Emily... thanks for being the weekend photographers, girls!)
Heather holding Hank and Gigi, I'm guessing Hank probably caused the tears here... he can't get enough of that baby girl's hair... do you blame him?
With 5 of the babies being under 1 there was lots of toys, play mates, and helpers around to play with!
Although somehow the adults were able to manage playing a few games..
and relax a little too.
And of course, we got in a little boating time
Lucy watching mom on the wake board... my second time getting up! Thad is an excellent coach.

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  1. isn't it nice when you can be IN some of the pictures?! looking cute, as always!