Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pumpkin pictures

For the past two years, I have taken a picture of Lucy next to her age carved in a pumpkin.  The tradition continues, although I almost forgot this year!  

This year, since Lucy was not in to carving her pumpkin, I taped each kids age on the pumpkin and then we painted over it.  Hank's zero didn't turn out great because I picked a bad spot on the pumpkin, but oh well... you still get the idea.
We took these pictures almost two weeks after Halloween.... I meant to do it on Halloween while they were in costume, but we were too busy running around so I figured having them in other Halloween stuff would work too!
And here is a series of Lucy "through the years".  Her first year we did ".5" because "0" seemed weird, but looking back, I wish we would have just done "0" because now .5 seems weird... whatever...

And these last couple pictures I took before going outside that day, so I thought I'd include here.  Just love Hank's eyes in these shots!

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